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 +Hier neue [[sffi:​Termine]] eintragen.
 +<gcal mode=month pages=(sffi:​Termine) compact >
 +<gcal mode=month offset=1 pages=(sffi:​Termine) compact >
 +<gcal mode=ahmet_month pages=(sffi:​Termine) >
 +/* --- Kommentar --- Anleitung ---
 +******* Mögliche Terminarten *******+
 +- SFFI
 +- Kino 
 +- Con
 +- Party
 +- Rollenspiel ​
 +- Brettspiel
 +******** Syntax ******
 +<​string>​ could be month, week or day. month is default.
 +Prints a monthly calendar table, each row showing a week, and each column showing certain day of the week.
 +A comma-separated list of wiki-pages or namespaces or groups. These are the source of the date data that will be used to populated the calendar. A group is a list of wiki-pages/​namespaces enclosed by round-parenthesis delimited by a pipe-symbol '​|'​. You can also add a name to a group. See examples below. You can use @USER@ and @ID@ as a macro for current-user and current-page. If the user is not logged in, @USER@ is expanded to the literal '​guest´.
 +Starting with release 2006-11-10 you can address a single section of a wikipage by using a ”#”.
 +:!: Attention: :!: You can select any internal wiki-pages you like to. But the pages and namespaces must not include spaces, because spaces are used to separate the parameters.
 +The year to display. Optional. Default is current year.
 +The month to display. Optional. Default is current month.
 +The day to display. Optional. Default is current day.
 +Offset relative to given month, week or day. offset=1 means next month (when mode=month). A negative offset shifts backwards (e.g. -2 would be the day before yesterday)
 +Only applies to week- or day-mode. Overrides the default number of days to display (7=week-mode,​ 1=day-mode). You can set it to 5 to omit the week-end (Sat/Sun). Or set it to 10 to see a little more than one week.
 +<​string>​ can be show, hide or auto. auto is default. Specify if you like to display the links from the calendar-entries to the origin-pages.
 +pagelinks= … description
 +show shows the links to the origin page after each date-entry
 +hide suppress the links to the origin-pages
 +auto default. Only shows the links if more than one page is the origin of a column
 +If this option is set, the complete gcal-command printed above the calendar in red color. For debugging and documentation purposes.
 +Disables the automatic table-of-contents (TOC).
 +Enables page-caching. Must be set in the last gcal-command of a page.
 +With this option set, namespaces are scanned recursively. I.e. with '​pages=(:​calendar:​*)'​ and option '​nested'​ the calendar shows up all events of the namespace ':​calendar'​ and the events of all its subnamespaces.
 +Positive or negative number of days to move the yellow today-marker.
 +Specify the 2-digit language-code to switch the plugin to a different language than the current main language of your wiki.
 +Smaller representation of dates with no events to save space. See dropempty.
 +Works in conjunction with compact. Drops dates with no events.
 +noheader, nohead, nofoot, nonav
 +    * “nonav” removes navigation part of the calendar
 +    * “nohead” removes the columnheaders
 +    * “nofoot” removes the columnfooters
 +    * “noheader” removes all of the above mentioned parts
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